Workplace risk assessment and measurements of occupational hazards

Required by Occupational Health and Safety Act, it is obligatory to identify and manage risks within your workplace.

It is believed that risk assessment is one of the main proactive actions in order to create and ensure safe work environment. When the employer assesses occupational risks systematically and homogenously, and through this, implements adequate safety measures and informs employees about the risks, it is highly possible to avoid majority of accidents and ill-health cases.

Who are affected by the results of risk assessment?
  • Employees
  • People at risk ((e.g local residents, clients, trainees)
  • Occupational health physician
  • Employer, CEO
  • Governmental supervising organizations (e.g Labour Inspectorate)(Tööinspektsioon)
Our strengths to offer technology-based approach are the following:
  • We have a long-term experience in workplace risk assessment both in theory and in practice
  • We are acquainted with different risk assessment methods and latest tools world-wide
  • oskame  We are able to give advise how to classify workplaces in order to assess risks as pictorial as possible, yet maintaining the required details
  • For risk assessments, we use validated risk matrixes; but if needed, we can compile a specific risk matrix designed for the company. Based on that, we can assess all occupational hazards systematically and homogenously

Each of our risk assessment is based on identification and evaluation of occupational hazards. Using results of measurements, we can objectively assess the risks from occupational hazards. Sometimes, the measurement result is crucial – for example, for many chemicals, there are no sense indicators (e.g smell etc) and only through measurements, the identification is possible. We co-operate with Ergonomics Laboratory of Tallinn University of Technology (EAK accreditation certificate L076).

In collaboration with Ergonomics Laboratory, we can offer you the following measurements of occupational hazards:
  • Noise measurements
  • Workplace indoor climate (including CO2) measurements
  • Lighting measurements
  • Dust measurements
  • Measurements of chemicals in the workplace air
  • Vibration measurements
We have compiled a complex-service package as follows:
  • Workplace risk assessment tailored to company’s specific
  • Measurement and assessment of occupational hazards, integration of results to workplace risk assessment
  • Development of the action plan in order to mitigate risks in practice
  • Presentation of the results for employees

NB! In addition to workplace risk assessment, we can also find solutions for specific problems such as chemical risk assessment, assessment for biological hazards, indoor-climate problems, psychosocial problems, workplace ergonomics problems etc.

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