We offer consultancies and expert assessments in different work environment related topics where employer himself may find too complicated to solve.
We use the well-known experts in Estonia who are able to give assessments as well as solutions. The specific problems where we can give a hand, are the following:
  • While start-up the company, the employer had no time to follow the requirements of Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Labor inspector has made notifications which need a profound problem-solving in order to find solutions
  • Occupational health physician has diagnosed an occupational disease. The employer needs to investigate the case, and additionally, needs to justify to labour inspector the actions which have been taken in order to control the risks which cause the disease.
  • An employee or a group of employees complain about indoor-climate problems. Employer has no knowledge how to find solutions for those.
  • Employer has no enough knowledge about chemicals used in the process, however, the chemical safety needs a more systematic approach to ensure workers’ safety
  • Company uses various equipment and tools which cause noise, vibration and emit magnetic fields.
  • Employer is not sure whether the workers are protected from those physical hazards.
  • Employer wishes to prevent problems which arise between employees and wishes to train employees to solve conflict situations more effectively. In Addition, he would like to map psychosocial problems and compile guidelines in order to manage psychosocial hazards effectively.
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