Basic training (24-H) for work environment representative and member of work environment council

Current training is suitable to anyone for the basic training in order to understand workplace health and safety. It is also essential for the safety manager or work environment specialist who are starting their job; top manager or human resource manager who may have a need to fulfill some of the duties related to workplace health and safety.
We offer the program in Estonian, Russian as well as English. The normal length of the training is 24-H (3 days) and the content meets the study program given in SM regulation No 80 (14.12.2000) ‘Procedure for training and in-service training regarding occupational health and safety’.
The main topics discussed during the course:
  1. Management of occupational health and safety in the company, the role of safety manager, the role of work environment representative.
  2. Occupational hazards – physical, chemical, biological, physiological and psychosocial. Impact to human health. Assessment of occupational hazards in workplace settings.
  3. Workplace risk assessment. How to conduct risk assessment? How to compile action plan of occupational health and safety?
  4. Training and mentoring of workers. Safety guidelines. Safety signs at workplace.
  5. Safety measures. How to choose adequate protection? Personal protective equipment.
  6. Health inspection. The need of it, organization of health inspections of workers.
  7. Occupational accidents and diseases. How to investigate an accident or a disease?
  8. Workplace health promotion.