Chemical safety

It is required by Law, to follow chemical safety rules in companies who handle dangerous chemicals.

Chemical hazards are all those chemicals which may damage employee’s health or environment because of its intrinsic properties. In enterprises, thousands of chemicals are used – and each of them have different health hazards. Additionally, chemicals can harm body in different dozes in different organs, may be irritants, allergens, carcinogens, mutagens etc. All workplace chemicals are strictly regulated by EU directives – REACH, CLP and other more specific directives.

In Estonia, the current Chemical Act is valid from 2015. According to Chemical Act, the employer’s responsibilities are the following:
  • All dangerous substances have to be labelled according to the EU requirements.
  • All dangerous substances must possess a Material Safety Data Sheet (in Estonian).
  • Work environment air should be monitored and chemicals determined.
  • All employees who handle chemicals should be trained and if necessary, use adequate personal protective equipment.
We offer a complex-package tailored specifically for the company which may consist of following components:
  • Classifying main chemicals used in the company, based on health-risks (assessment of MSDSs)
  • Establishment of chemical safety system
  • Short safety guidelines for safe use of chemicals in the company
  • Measurements of chemicals in workplace air
  • Chemical risk assessment in the company
  • Consultancy on REACH (downstream users)
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