Successful management of occupational health and safety in the company

Required by Law, the employer is obliged to ensure health and safe workplace for all its employees.

’Good health is good business’ – has been quoted by Sir John Harvey-Jones (Imperial Chemical Industries) in UK. You cannot agree more with this statement – for employee, his health is crucial in order to come to work every day, with a smile on the face, and return safely back home in the end of the day. If an employee gets injured due to poor working conditions or unsafe workplace, it is a tragedy not only for the individual, but also for his family and friends. For the company, a healthy worker is a huge advantage as well – he his motivated, effective and can contribute to company’s success much more than an employee with ill-health. Organizations where occupational health and safety is a priority understand the relationships between risk management, general health and business success.

We offer activities to ensure successful management of occupational health and safety:
  • Establishment and keeping up-to-date the safety documentation
  • Safety audit
  • Audit of work environment
  • Assessment of workplace stress and occupational fatique
  • Safety guidelines
  • Work environment specialist services

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