Workplace ergonomics

Required by Occupational Health and Safety Act, every employer has to ensure ergonomically fit workplaces for his employees.

Physiological hazards are all those hazards which may damage our musculoskeletal system – for example, physically demanding job, compulsory postures and repetitive motions etc. The main objective to manage physiolocial hazards, is to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. Unfortunately, in our present world, it is common to live a life-style with no physical activity and therefore, musculoskeletal problems are even more crucial. These problems – like neck-ache, shoulder-ache, low-back pain – are the most frequently diagnosed musculoskeletal problems at workplace. Prevention of physiological hazards is closely connected with workplace ergonomics as well as physiotherapy. Both support identifing, analyzing and mitigating the physiological hazards.

We offer an ergonomic consultancy in workplaces where employer is eager to decrease the health risks from compulsory postures, repetitive motions and manual handling of loads:

  • In offices where workers sit still during most of their day;
  • In industrial settings where workers proceed their operations in sitting or standing positions;
  • In retail business where salesmen serve clients in sitting or standing positions;
  • In warehouses where employees may handle loads and in assembly work, perform operations in repetitive movements;
  • In other specific industries where ergonomic problems may arise.
You can order general consultancy as well as individual consultancy in every workplace based on employees’ anthropometrical data. In addition, we can compile an ergonomic report where every workplace has been described and recommendations given in order to design ergonomically fit workplace. Contact us and ask for the offer!

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